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Articles By Curt

It is up to us
     Protecting Our Children, Our Future, and our Freedom

What Not to Insure 
           Most things that we buy should not be run through insurance.
           "Keep your incompetent hands off of our health care." 

Putting America Back on Track
     How to end political insanity and restore fiscal responsibility

A balanced Budget Amendment That Will Work

Why Stimulus Spending Doesn't Stimulate
     government can only spend money on projects by (1)  taking money out of the funds available for investment and diverting them to less profitable uses, either by taxing or borrowing  (2)  creating money, which competes for the same goods and services, raising prices, which is the same as getting the stimulus money through taxes.

Freedom is a "Social Issue"
    We better stop ignoring it

Curt's Laws

Other Articles by Curt  
Science without Intelligence

A lemon of a law

Saving Christmas

Faith is Reasonable

On Marriage & On a Decent Society

Why "In God we Trust"
Virtue vs. Self Esteem

On Amending our Constitution

The Global Warming Deception

"Discriminating" Democrats

The new thought police



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