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Global Warming

The Global Warming Deception
  by Curt Wikstrom

     The sun's various rays and other particles bombard the earth, filling it with energy, and energizing all of its life forms, which can in turn become stored energy.  There is a strong correlation between the activity of the sun and temperature on the earth.  Temperatures on the earth vary considerable over decades, centuries, thousands, and hundreds of thousands of years.  When the sun is very active, the temperature on the earth increases.  When it is less active, temperatures decline.  The tilt and position of the earth, solar and inter-galactic forces affect temperature. We are presently between ice ages.  The temperature on the earth has been rising for 18,000 years.  It has gone up 16˚C, and the sea has risen 300 feet.  All this before man discovered oil or mined for coal. See:  http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/ice_ages.html  The glaciers from the last ice age were retreating long before the industrial revolution. It is likely that the cycle will come back around to another ice age in the future, with the earth becoming inhospitably cold. The sun will have periods of high sunspot activity, making the sun hotter, then go back to periods of low activity, cooling things down. The sun is what causes the earth to warm up.  And activities on the sun are primarily responsible for the changes in that temperature from decade to decade.  During all of these variations, and using the most negative assumptions, man's affect on any of these temperature variations would be only a half a degree( .5˚ C).  Not enough to affect the climate on the earth.

     When the earth is warmer, a number of things happen that may be correlated to that warming.  One of them is that the residual amount of carbon dioxide that remains in the atmosphere (most carbon precipitates out) may increase slightly. More energy causes plant, animal, and human life to flourish.  AFTER the warming,  life, energy, and the CO2 residual increase. Studies of the Vostok ice core found a correlation between CO2 concentrations and temperature over the past 400,000 years, but the temperature came first, and the increase in CO2 followed.

     Instead of accepting that increased temperature might be followed by a small increase in the CO2 residual,  some want us to believe that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is responsible for the temperature, and that humans can control the temperature by controlling the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  That is the deception.

     150 billion tons of carbon go into the air each year. Only 8 billion is produced by humans.  If there were no humans, it is likely that the plants and animals that took our place, and the uncontrolled natural consumption of combustible material would produce at least a portion of this 8 billion tons. But carbon precipitates out of the atmosphere.  Despite all of this activity, only a small residual of CO2 remains, and is only a miniscule fraction of the atmosphere. 99 percent of the atmosphere consists of Nitrogren(78%)  and Oxygen(21%).  The remaining 1% consists mostly of Argon (.9%), but also Carbon Dioxide (.03%), and trace amounts of hydrogen, ozone, methane, carbon monoxide, helium, neon, krypton, and xenon.

     Man made CO2 is a small fraction of the so called "greenhouse" gases.  Water vapor makes up 95%, natural CO2 production 3.5%, man-made CO2 .2%   Methane(.3%), Natural Nitrous Oxide(.9%) Manmade Nitrous Oxide(.05%), Misc Natural(.03%), Misc Man Made(.05%).   And water vapor is more volatile than the other "greenhouse" gases, making the other gases even less significant. The water vapor varies considerably.  At 100% relative humidity, water vapor can be about 190 parts per million at -40 degrees centigrade, and 42,000 parts per million at 30 degrees centigrade (86F).  Alarmists usually leave out the Water vapor from their charts  to make it appear that CO2 variations are much more significant than they really are. Ignoring the most important, and only significant factor that affects daily temperatures makes the studies deceptive. The net effect of human activity is well below 3 tenths of 1 percent. See  http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/greenhouse_data.html 

     Even if the alarmist projections about man made CO2 were true, the estimated increase in the temperature due to a doubling of  man made CO2  would be about one half  degree Centigrade (.5˚C).  A quadrupling(4 times) of man made CO2 would lead to an increase of about 1˚C. (The radiative effect of CO2 decreases as the amount gets larger) See: http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/Reference_Docs/Lindzen_2005_Climate_Claims.pdf   All of the draconian measures to be taken as a result of the Kyoto treaty would not decrease the temperature by even one degree (.8˚ C) if everyone were forced to comply.  A change in temperature of 1˚C is not going to melt the ice caps.  And lowering the temperature by 1˚C is not going to "save" them.  The average temperature in the artic in the winter is -35C(-31F).  -34C is still cold enough. The next cold period of any significance is going to come when the activity on the sun goes down. Some experts expect that to happen soon, or may have already begun.   What man does to reduce CO2 will only be coincidental with any change in temperature.

      The political coalition pushing the theory of man made global warming consists of groups that are often socialist, anti-business, anti-progress, anti-western, promoters of world government, or  politicians willing to jump on the latest bandwagon.  They are delighted to have this theory, or something like it,  because they can use it to convince us to give them the power and control that they have always sought.  Power to stop people from using energy in order to improve the condition of all of the world's people. The tactics that they use expose the political and ideological nature of this theory.  They try to silence, ridicule, intimidate, or crush anyone who does not agree with them.  Scientists will not be hired as professors at universities, or they will be removed from government positions if they don't toe the line.  Universities or research groups will not get grants unless they support the prevailing ideology.  These are dangerous people, and we cannot let them deceive us.  Documentaries discussing some of the claims are at: Convenient Fiction 1   Convenient Fiction 2


        The arctic ice varies considerably over the course of  a year, and over time.  There is melting during the summer, and freezing again in the winter.   In some areas there has been a thinning of ice sheets, and a collapse of ice shelves.  But this can be due to natural current changes around the area. Average temperatures appear to have increased by about 5˚C over the past 50 years in the northern peninsula.   On the other hand, temperatures at the South pole have gone down since 1957.  And it appears that the Antarctic ice sheet is actually growing by 5 millimeters per year.  Taking pictures when things are melting, and ignoring those spots on the earth that show cooler temperatures in order to dramatize global warming is deceptive.

     Hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters have been here since near the beginning of time, and have often been much worse than they are now. If temperatures were really affecting the hurricanes, it would make them tamer, not worse. (Forecasts of abnormally fierce hurricane activity last year proved to be false.) Greenland was once cultivated, whereas today it is covered with ice.  At the same time that sea levels rise,  once frozen areas become inhabitable.  When the earth's next ice age starts forming, once inhabitable areas will freeze, but coast lines will again be extended.

     More troublesome than hysterically blaming everything on global warming is the willingness of advocates to lie to achieve their ends.  For example, Al Gore continues to claim that 100% of the members of the National Academy of Sciences agrees with him, in order to claim further that the debate is over, even though he is shown long lists of members who do not agree with his doomsday theories.  To continue to lie in the face of corrective truth demonstrates that these people are primarily interesting in selling their propaganda, and bullying those who aren't sold on it. If truth really were on their side, they wouldn't need to be so ruthless in bullying those with opposing views.

    Once temperatures start to decline again, does that mean we should start burning fossil fuels as fast as we can to try keep the temperatures up a fraction of a degree?  That is, of course, absolutely absurd.  Just as absurd as trying to keep it down a fraction of a degree.  Humans should and will continue to find ways to use less energy to accomplish their goals. Efficient use of resources and reducing the cost of things necessary to health and happiness is a continuous goal in a society of free thought and free enterprise.  Major achievements in efficiency that will come about as a result of human progress over the next centuries will not make the world colder. That will happen regardless of what we do. 

     See also: http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/story.html?id=22003a0d-37cc-4399-8bcc-39cd20bed2f6&k=0




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