Streets of Karlstad
The Streets of Karlstad Minnesota -  this view shows KK, Könst, Post Office, Nordisk Hemslöjd, Bank, Valamo,
the Dentist office, Hardware Hank store, North Star Motel.                          home

Old Bank, North Star News, Nordhem              Old Bank, North Star News, Nordhem, Wiktel

Hardware, Dentist, Apartment         Nordisk Hemslöjd, Könst        Mattracks      Valamo      Warehouses

Wiktel, Nordisk Hemslöjd, Könst, Nordhem   

  14 buildings in town were developed or remodeled by the Wikstrom family. The Wikstrom Telephone Company of course has equipment buildings and storage buildings throughout five counties in Northern Minnesota (Kittson, Marshall, Roseau, Lake of the Woods, Pennington). Eight of these buildings were given Scandinavian themes and colors:  the North Star News and the Engen Drugstore which are now part of the Nordhem Restaurant complex, the Nordisk Hemslöjd Variety store (once a fabric store), Valamo (once a grocery store and meat market),  Könst (once an old tavern), the old bank building, the Carl Larson building which was the old Scandia Restaurant (soon to be used as a beauty shop and message parlor), and two former potato warehouses now used as equipment and storage warehouses.  Other places in town to join the Scandinavian theme are the KK gas station and market, Kim's Shear Design beauty shop, Germundson's furniture store, and the Eagles Club.